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The 2009 school mock election has presented their results. Much less ambitious then the national school mock elections, this featured only 4842 votes from 26 schools.

The results in terms of seats would have - if high school kids ruled the land - been:

Pirate Party 5 seats (+5) Group: Likely Green, depends on post-election negotiations
Green Party 3 (+2) Green
Soc Dem 3 (-2) PES
Moderaterna 2 (-2) EPP
Sverigedemokraterna 2 (+2) UEN
Vänsterpartiet 1 (-1) EUL-NGL
Folkpartiet 1 (-1) ALDE
Centerpartiet 1 (+-0) ALDE
Kristdemokraterna 0 (-1) EPP
Junilistan 0 (-3) ID

In terms of party groups Greens goes up 7 seats, UEN takes two seats, while everyone else loose.

Obviously high school students do not rule the land, but this very encouraging news for Greens and Pirates. This big sample of 16-19 year olds does indicate something of the ever so important first time voters preferences (18-21 year olds).

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by A swedish kind of death on Fri Jun 5th, 2009 at 04:55:07 PM EST
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