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If you don't have any arguments against Marx ... just call him names. In fact in your source, we find that Derrida, who has taken the trouble to study what Marx actually said, is far from sharing your view:
Derrida forcefully explains that the so-called end of Marxism, the death of Marx, and the attempts to exorcise Marx's spirit(s) and specter(s), are all forms of political dogma that he rejects

I cut out the ad-hominem part of this excerpt of your post. Whether I 'swallowed' or not is no argument in this discussion.
Further on, you clearly did not understand my point - no doubt because you didn't have time enough to read it carefully.

So. Do I call Marx 'names'. No, I asked myself a question, related to this part of my citation:

"Any Marxism worthy of the name does affirm a "presence," an "ontology," a material reality that cannot be  ignored in any ideology critique. For Marxism this is the premise of historical materialism, which unlike Derrida's deconstruction, clings to the distinctions between different kinds of "ghosts." It situates different specters or ideologies as historical products, not as categories of thought.

This paragraph confirms the impression one gets from Marx's works, that alll he was busy with was crafting his materialism on top the Hegel-inspired historical dialectic idea. Marx never bothered with 'categories of thought'. What he interested him, was to build an ideology, that is, as you can read elsewhere in my diary, an action-motivated distortion of reality.

There is much to say for a comparison between Hegel and Marx. Suffice it to point out here that Hegel is interested by the present as a time of the God-Reason, he sees the ancient age, or the christian age, as different ages of the Reason. Marx sees them as pre-capitalist times. Hegel speaks of thesis and antithesis, Marx is about workers vs capitalists. Hegel's idealism is an almost metaphysical attempt to explain the world. Marx predicts the working class will triumph over exploiters and bring about the proletarian dictatorship. Marx's empirical realities - relations of productions - have priority over and determine laws, religions, ethics, or philosophical  theories. There cannot be something more obvious than the fact that Marx reduces history of mankind to a matter of means of production, and the man to his work and possessions, as if people never happened to dream, fight or revolt regardless of their possessions - or lack thereof.
Hegel deals in philosophical concepts, Marx in ideological ones. One is a philosopher, the other is a revolutionary. One is spiritual, the other materialist - in the end, yet another kind of Hegelian dialectics.

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last! (Martin Luther King)

by ValentinD (walentijn arobase free spot franša) on Mon Jun 8th, 2009 at 04:43:34 PM EST
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