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we (party members) vote for our candidates to stand as MPs

I haven't found this specific finished regulation with a quick search, but here it is at proposal stage:

`Reselect all Labour MPs' - News - The Independent

Monday, 16 November 1998

ONE OF Tony Blair's most trusted party modernisers last night heightened the row over Labour's "control freakery" with a call for all sitting MPs to be vetted by re-selection panels.

Fraser Kemp, the party's former general election co-ordinator, said even cabinet ministers should be subject to Millbank approval.

Mr Kemp, MP for Houghton and Washington East, said the system would root out members who attacked the Government "every five minutes".

The suggestion, backed by senior officials, is likely to be seen as a "softening-up exercise" ahead of a move to introduce the change at the next party conference. MPs would be interviewed by an NEC panel similar to those set up to vet candidates for councils, the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and London mayoralty.

Critics say the system has been used to block left-wing candidates in Scotland and Wales and will be used to halt Ken Livingstone in London.

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