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i only selected those points that seemed relevant to corporate interests.  others they list on that page (and they go into it elsewhere as well):

What if we Left the European Union? - BERR

1. basic Single Market freedoms such as the right to live, study and work in Europe might be jeopardised;

4. we would lose out on EU funding for research, which currently outweighs our contributions, and would   no  longer be able to influence the development of the Framework Programme. [this one is quasi corporate relevant as well, perhaps even more so than socio-political relevant]

5. guarantees of important protections for consumers could be lost;

6. workers' rights could be eroded, making it harder for employees to find a satisfactory work-life balance;

7. one of the strongest voices for reform in EU would be lost, with the result that new EU rules would be more likely to be damaging to British interests; [this one also somewhat corporate relevant]

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by marco on Tue Jun 9th, 2009 at 11:47:40 AM EST
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