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well, the brits make the best tv in the world (rainy climate!?), and so have a surfeit of quality, please note i'm speaking from italy, lol, where a sky sub is a seditious act, according to the Leader.

what other country can boast a media environment where the internet rollout is less than latvia or rural india, the dead tree rags are owned by the first family, and where supporting 'murdoch's evil agenda®' is actually a vote for greater freedom and objectivity?

as for a euro pov, i rate cult tv as a perfect example, lotsa foreign flicks from all over the world, along with cutting-edge-6-months-ago americana, subtitles and choice of dub or original s/track available.

then there's current tv which is really good too. yes 90% is unwatchable, but that 10% is easily worth the euro p. day, worth more than that to evade the berlu-filter factor, made even easier by the fact that 90% of that is the intellectual level of a slow 8 year old with a voyeur streak.

so it is being done, arte tv is another excellent example. that and cult and current should be the top viewed channels in europe, available in all euro-tongues, this would do more for the sorry state of ignorance and 'm'enefregismo' (don't give a fuck attitude) that is the italian disease.

looked at from here, sky uk news is hopelessly parochial, and don't get me started on the yank main network news channels!

i wonder how controlled by murdoch all his organisation is, because right now some of his channels are all that's standing between now and greater media lockdown.

if sky were banned from italy, i would take that as a powerful reason to read the writing on the wall, same if beppe grillo's website was hacked to pieces.

but then on the other hand it might force the issues many are discussing over the web, into the piazzas, one step closer to really uniting the people to state their will, and test the state's resolve to hold onto the undeserved power it has today, votes bought through enabling italy's lowest common denominator to become the dominant political force through near-unilateral media control.

pravda with bimbos, greasy old bald guys with combovers and jowl-tucks spoonfeeding steaming bullshit daily, fresh from the liars' mouths, aaagh.

gimme sky uk news again, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i take it back, at least adam boulton comes on once in a while.

bbc world is less tabloid, but a bit constipated and middlebrow, risk averse, to put it mildly.

euronews has great mag/culture section, where they tell you about which art exhibitions are on europe wide, but the overall programming is a bit on the bland side.

still the vestiges are already up and running...

i've never lived in a place surrounded by so much shitty tv, where i was also able with skysat to actually feel well served, abundantly so.

just another example of italy's love affair with duality. i'm glad some of my sub will go to supporting the channels i dig, but i get the horrors about financing the rest of the murdoch-ery, same with buying petrol, or using plastic bags.

ugh! (but thanks), just another daily dose of cog-diss, swallow it like a good lad, it won't kill ya hehe....yet...

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Mon Jun 8th, 2009 at 06:43:51 AM EST
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