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ThatBritGuy: Brown has never been an aggressive Euro-skeptic, he's seen as someone who plays for the away team, and not a staunch patriot

in the UK, is there a sentiment then among Britain-firsters and Euroskeptics that by being for Europe, one is betraying one's country, not being patriotic, hating one's country, hating freedom, and so on?  i always presumed that it was not so much a matter of tribalistic national loyalty, but rather something closer to national arrogance and ignorance about the practical cost-benefits of EU membership, a notion that Britain does it better than the feckless Continentals.  in contrast, embracing an internationalist or non-American point of view in the U.S. lays one open to accusations of being un-American = anti-American.  does a similar dynamic exist in Britain, i.e. by saying that one is for Europe, it is a short step to being called disloyal to one's country, if not a traitor outright?

if not, then there is more room for propagandizing the benefits of EU membership without having to waste time and energy defending oneself against attacks of disloyalty and treason.

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by marco on Mon Jun 8th, 2009 at 03:54:15 PM EST
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