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This discussion is important precisely because the NO campaign in Ireland use the EJC jurisdiction argument as a reason for voting No to Lisbon.  See Lisbon Treaty referendum - The Irish Times - Thu, Jul 02, 2009

The Treaty of Lisbon is a legal document and is subject to interpretation by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). In many cases, it will only be when a case relating to this treaty comes before the ECJ, and is ruled on, can one say what is fact and what is not. This is the case with all legal documents but especially in the case of the Lisbon Treaty which is especially tortuous in its wording.

The European Court of Justice has in the past been described as "a court with a mission" and that mission is to advance the further integration of the countries of the European Union.

If the Treaty is passed, some of the claims by the No side, derided as "outlandish" by Lucinda Creighton, may well come to pass at a future date if the ECJ decides to so rule as a means of furthering the further integration of EU nations.

However, if you don't like the EJC you shouldn't be in the EU at all, as the EJC has jurisdiction over all the Treaties we have signed up to.  This is therefore, more accurately, an argument against EU membership, not the Lisbon Treaty per se.

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