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Frank Schnittger:
We don't need further scare stories on the lines of "even the Germans aren't sure about the Treaty because it doesn't safeguard/undermines the German democratic process".

Well, strictly speaking the issue is decided as far as Germany is concerned, regardless of whether they finish cutting the paperwork: the Treaty is in conformity with the Basic Law provided that any bridge clause changes require the positive consent of the legislative houses. Although I realize such nuances can be difficult to communicate.

Another horror scenario would be if the Bundestag cuts corners in an effort to get the bill passed by (I would guess) sometime in August (remember, there's an election here at the end of September). Because we can be sure the opponents will go over the resulting law with a fine tooth comb looking for weak points that they can go back to court with. I don't know Irish politics but I imagine that might be even less helpful.

The fact is that what we're experiencing right now is a top-down disaster. -Paul Krugman

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Probably the best line to take - from an Irish perspective - is that the Lisbon Treaty has been found to be compatible with the German Constitution and the nuances of how they choose to implement it is a matter for the Germans themselves. The german elections will, presumably, also return a pro-Lisbon majority just before the irish vote.

The key issue is whether the Treaty has been ratified by Germany by the time the Irish vote.  That will then just leave the Czechs and Poles - who have, bizarrely, said they will ratify if Ireland does.  Perhaps the Irish should vote for their Governments as well if they are going to be empowered to tell them what to do.

And then of course there is the question of whether Brown survives that long...

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