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When the farming sectors faces trouble, the rest of the economy doesn't worry, even though it potentially means a threat to local food supplies.  But when banking goes bad, everyone goes crazy, even though the worst thing that can happen is that some people won't get their loans repaid.

Our government and society is no longer organized for the benefit of farmers.  For more than a century our society and government have been organized for the benefit of those with lots of wealth, call them the capitalists.  That organizing effort has increasingly come to be exercised through the big banks.  That organization extends to media and to educational institutions.  So we have been conditioned to see a danger to the banks as a danger to the society, whether it is or not, and we have been conditioned so as not to be able to imagine a society not dominated by the wealthy through big banks.

A grave threat to our agricultural sector would not be perceived as being nearly as significant as a less serious threat to the banks.  In fact our response to such a threat to agriculture will probably be like that of the frog that fails to jump out of a pot of water that is being heated while it still retains the ability to do so.  

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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