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I just read through your two links.  My God!!  I lived in the SFV in 1969 and from 1979 to 2006 and I have never heard of their being a power generating nuclear reactor at Santa Susana.  When I read your diary the first time, I thought the discussion concerned a small scale reactor such as those that were on college campuses at the time.

How much power was this thing designed to produce?  Liquid sodium without containment at a commercially useful size in an area with a population in the millions!  Strangelove indeed!  It is stunning that this happened and was concealed in plain sight for so long.  I recall reading about the Santa Susana Lab needing cleanup, but always in the context of PCE and TCE from rocket tests.  I am certain that insiders who were involved in the clean-up controversy were aware of the radioactive contamination but remained quiet about it.  A congressional investigation is in order.  

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