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Yes, Enercon is special that way. Sometimes it is quoted that Enercon is also special in fearing industrial espionage if any co-control is allowed to workers; but that doesn't seem to be the main reason.

Three links worth to read in German: profile at Greenpeace where Aloys Wobben expresses his opinion that unions are the main culprit for the downfall of midsize enterprises(...), taz article with examples of union-busting at Enercon (the end of that article claims, without naming names, that other eco-technology leaders think Enercon's practices are damaging the reputation of the whole industry), and another taz article about the firing of 70 employees in Turkey for joining a union (a decision of the local manager the company headquarters refused to comment).

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by DoDo on Tue Jul 28th, 2009 at 08:57:15 AM EST
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Thanks, didn't know about Wobben's comments, though i am very aware of him, have been attacked personally by him at a conference. will comment tomorrow, now off on a very professional assignment...

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