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This was a factory which Vestas acquired through acquisition of NEG-Micon. it was previously Aerolaminates Ltd, and came out of both the Howden and Wind Energy Group attempts of the mid-80's.  The problem blades were to my knowledge the only blades using both carbon fibre and wood laminate, and had serious problems.

The blades are only for one turbine type nowhere near state-of-the-art, the stall-control V82 (formerly NEG Micon 82), currently being phased out anyway.  Had there been a serious onshore market in the UK Vestas could have reconfigured the plant to make other blade types.

So this was a QC problem specific to this particular blade at only this factory.

The fact that Vestas has indeed set up new factories already in the US shows that they could have done it in the UK if conditions warranted.

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by Crazy Horse on Thu Jul 30th, 2009 at 11:32:25 AM EST
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