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Some of the models made in Europe are more tuned for what I didn't cover here: passenger service. (You already saw Bombardier's TRAXX P160 DE.)

  • Alstom/Vossloh Euro ...: not only was the largest European delivery so far a passenger version to the Spanish national railways (28 Euro 3000 as RENFE class 334), but they could sell the largest batch back into the USA (NJ Transit's 33 3.13 MW PL42AC, see Wikipedia photo below), and hoped for more - but the new Buy American laws put a stop to that.

  • Kolomna: the main product family, TEP70, is mostly 160 km/h, 2.92 MW express locomotives (below in the latest, TEP70BS version in Lithuanian colours from Flickr). Note that with TEP80, a 4.55 MW version not produced in series, Kolomna holds the world speed record for diesel locos since 1993: 271 km/h.

  • Lugansk: the Ukrainian company builds the 160 km/h, 3.1 MW TEP150 (below on photo from RailFan Europe.net). It got a modern front and a new engine, but the basic design is similar to the 'Ludmillas'.

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