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  1. The costs of indefinite population growth outweigh the benefits.
   2. Said costs and benefits are distributed inequitably.

If you wish to discuss these points seriously, wonderful.

dvx, why thanks for you level of tolerance and faith in other people.

  1. I do not believe I have ever here nor anywhere else said "indefinite population growth outweighs the benefits". We seem to have definite numbers to work with and 416 million for the US is OK with me and 9.2 billion other humans on this planet is fine also.

  2. No one again said distributed equitably. I think that was already assumed since people got in rickety old boats and set out for a better life-as I mentioned. But it is beyond just material possessions but also freedom and chance to develop themselves to the full potential. And yes human capital is not distributed equitably. Which is at least one reason for allowing labor to migrate.


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