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The RAI 3 channel broadcasts some interesting programs. It is an Indian reservation that owes its existence to accords made back in 1975 that allowed the left to have its own TV. It also has the function of proving that Italy is a democratic free society. Despite that, it is constantly under assault by the majority for its programs. RAI 3 does have some success as audience but is by no means on par with the strategic media outlets solidly in the hands of the rightwing. The constant pressure forces RAI 3 to very prudent in broadcasting news or resorting to satire. RAI 3 is accostumed to preventive censorship.

It is likely that RAI 3 will lose its independance in the next month. The government will likely appoint its own henchmen to key positions there as it has done this summer with all other strategic news outlets already firmly controlled.

In the past months the government has taken action through ad hominem laws and the cancellation of contracts against Murdoch's SKY network, ironically the only effectively independant TV channel in Italy. Murdoch never had a policy line that contrasted with the general brainless zeitgeist that characterizes the news medias controlled by Berlusconi. Despite its middle grounds policy Berlusconi has strongly criticized it and has recently launched the preposterous idea that much of his own sex scandal is a Rupert conspiracy.

There have been broadcasts from abroad in the past such as from Capodistria or Monte Carlo but these channels have never had effective shares. Further, Berlusconi could easily silence a channel not to his liking even if it were abroad, as he did throughout Italy. Berlusconi is an international entrepreneur with solid political and business relations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Italy is simply his feifdom.

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