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Unfortunately the full complaint has not been published. Berlusconi's argument seems to revolve around a statement in la Nouvel Obs concerning the "Russian mafia" which sounds more like a snide comment rather than a fact. L'avvocaticchio Ghedini is treating it as a factual accusation which was taken up as quotes in Italian papers.

Whether Berlusconi is in cahots or not with the "Russian mafia" is hardly the point- It's nigh impossible to prove (especially in Italy). Of course, "Russian mafia" could just as well be interpreted figuratively as Putin, or, more likely, whoever supplies the Eastern European jailbait for Silvio's parties. (There is testimony to the presence of Eastern European girls at his midnight flings.) Since Eastern European white slavery rackets are in the hands of organized crime, this may explain Nouvel Obs' remark.

On this Ghedini and Berlusconi may be playing fast and dangerously. Nouvel Obs may actually have something to back up their remark other than the testimonies in Italy, which for now are not considered criminally relevant.

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