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Being able to "go around standard gas stations" is a bug, not a feature.  The problem is being able to FIND a station at which to gas up.  Consequently, the vehicles are mostly restricted to local fleet service use.

I wish Pickens well on his endeavors in this regard.  Natural gas in the US appears to be abundant and is  less polluting than any other fossil fuel, but there are infrastructure problems to overcome.  These should not be too difficult for any gas station that is connected to or adjacent to a natural gas distribution system.  All that would be needed is a compressor and a dispenser system.  Put CNG "pump" over by the compressed air and water, please, for starters.

But this needs to be rolled out on a regional basis, at a minimum.  CNG stations would also need to be required for all gas stations adjacent to freeway off-ramps.  While it might seem ridiculous that one is not able to get gas at a gas station, that is currently the case.  Changing that will be like reforming health care.  Vested interests could give a damn if the countries economy is strangled by overpriced oil if the solution puts them out of business or results in a serious drop in their capitalization.

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