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Both of those are potentially really good ideas. (I'm not a fan of extensive intellectually property rights, period, particularly in technologies with substantial social and environmental benefits such as energy efficiency and medical technologies. The claims of the need for monopoly incentives in these areas is way overblown, in my opinion.)  

However, if they have to reduce their exports, it means that they can't lend much money to the West to cover our current account deficits, which means that our capacity to help them with their current account losses is pretty restricted, so I think it might be a catch-22. I think they'll be smart enough to see through the shell game and just say, "hey, maybe we can just reduce trade with you and still increase our automobile usage through domestically-oriented growth at the same time, so go screw yourselves."

by santiago on Mon Aug 3rd, 2009 at 04:58:07 PM EST
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