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I don't know enough about Confucianism or Taoism to confirm or refute what you say and don't know to what extent Maoism still has much influence in Government philosophy.  Certainly there appears to be a strong tradition of authoritarian imperial/state control, by violent/repressive means if necessary.  

A one party state democracy may appear inimical to western ideas of multi-party pluralism but I sometimes wonder at the degree of diversity a one party system can hide, and the degree of conformity a multi-party system can disguise.

However I also get the impression of a degree of cultural and ethnic diversity within China that even a repressive state apparatus can only barely control and contain, so I don't understand how you can state that pluralism is only beginning to emerge.  It has always been there.

Official Chinese state ideology certainly seems more collectivist and authoritarian with few concessions to individual human rights but I would have thought that the ideology did have a strong emphasis on "public interest" and "public integrity" in terms of government by and for the working class.  The degree to which the reality correspond to the ideology is, of course, an entirely different matter - both here and in China!

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