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Compressed is OK.  the first H2 pipeline was built from somewhere in the Ruhr valley to near Köln in the late 20's (article says 30's, believe it's wrong).  It's remained in full use to the present.  notice what's happening now.


"There was a study two or three years ago which calculated that around 300,000 cars could be operated by the excess hydrogen. That is plenty for the short term, we just need to gain access to it. The plan is to build five refuelling stations along the route which are connected to the main pipeline by smaller ones. We have asked Air Liquide to calculate the cost per kilometre of these smaller connecting pipelines so we can get a clearer view of the infrastructure costs," explains Koch.

Another option, he says, is to build filling stations directly at some of the chemical sites along the pipeline. At a plant near Cologne, for example, there is a chlorine electrolyser which can produce hydrogen at very low cost: as low as €2 to €3 per kg, compared to around €12 - €25 per kg at a hydrogen filling station in Berlin.

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