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Preliminary end result, down to every dwarf party that achieved at least 0.1%in this or the 2005 elections:

Party%+-  Seats+-
Left Party11.89%+3.1876+23
Pirate Party1.95%+1.951-1
NPD (neo-Nazis)1.47%-0.12--
Animal Protection Party0.53%+0.30--
Republicans (tax-cut far-right)0.45%-0.12--
ödp (ecologists)0.31%+0.31--
Family Party0.28%-0.13--
RRP (pensioners)0.23%--
Rentner (pensioners)0.13%--
RRP+Rentner vs. Greys0.36-0.06--
BP (Bavarian nationalists)0.11%+0.04--
DVU ("völkisch" far-right)0.11%+0.11--
PBC (creationists)0.09%-0.14--
BüSo (civil rightists)0.09%+0.01--
Violets (spiritualists)0.07%+0.07--
MLPD (Marxist-Leninists)0.07%-0.03--

(As before, I compared percentages to the 2005 elections, but seats to the final state of the outgoing Bundestag.)

(The outgoing single MP of the Pirate Party was aman resigning from the SPD after police found pedophilic material in his home. He claimed it was for a private investigation, an explanation accepted by the PP but with no evidence accepted by courts.)

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by DoDo on Mon Sep 28th, 2009 at 02:47:51 AM EST
Left Party6.0%+5.25+5
SSW (Danish minority, left-leaning)4.3%+0.74+2
Pirate Party1.8%+1.8--
Free Voters (localists)1.0%+1.0--
NPD (neo-Nazis)0.9%-1.0--

That's a majority of one for CDU+FDP, pending the challenge to the local election rules (for the overhang mandates that helped the CDU).

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by DoDo on Mon Sep 28th, 2009 at 03:03:13 AM EST
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PartyShare of vote+-Seats+-
Left Party27.2%-0.826-3
NPD (neo-Nazis)2.5%+2.5--
Free Voters (localists)1.7%+1.7--
DVU ("völkisch" far-right)1.2%-4.9--6

PM Platzeck left it open whether he wants
to continue the Grand Coalition with the CDU or ally with the Left Party this time. Given that the federal SPD was left with one place to exert power, the federal upper house (Bundesrat, which consists of representatives of the regional governments of the 16 federal states), the second choice would be advisable (with a Grand Coalition, Brandenburg would be forced to abstain on issues the CDU and SPD disagree on).

The combined 3.96% for the three far-right parties (the two listed and the 0.2% for Republicans), who ended their strategic alliance in not running against each other, is a welcome drop, but still not reassuring. What should matter is whether the most extremist but dominant of them, the NPD, can maintain its local grass-roots presence. (Unless I am mistaken, with 2.5%, they'll get state funding...)

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by DoDo on Mon Sep 28th, 2009 at 03:27:59 AM EST
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What a fitting andhair-raising photo...

(That's Guido Westerwelle, boss of the FDP and likely future foreign minister)

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by DoDo on Mon Sep 28th, 2009 at 03:30:28 AM EST
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As I expected, the biggest movement was not between parties, but SPD voters staying home. From ARD:

  • CDU/CSU: won 0.62 million voters from SPD, lost 1.11 million to FDP, 0.92 million to non-voters.

  • SPD: lost 1.64 million to non-voters, 0.78 million to the Left Party, 0.71 million to the Greens, 0.62 to the CDU/CSU, 0.43 million to the FDP, and even to "others" 0.27 million.

  • FDP: gains from others thanthe two big parties were miniscule (20,000 from Greens, 10,000 from Left Party???), while 120,000 went non-voter.

  • Greens: apart from the big gain from the SPD, 70,000 from the SPD; but 150,000 went to other parties (Pirates?), 110,000 to the Left Party, and 20,000 each to the FDP and non-voters.

  • Left Party: apart from the center-left gains mentioned, 70,000 from the CDU/CSU. This time, there was no mobilisation of extra non-voters like in 2005 -- butthe Left Party was the only one not losing voters to non-voters either.

Note that within the CDU/CSU block, the Bavarian CSU was the biiiig loser: they got 42.6% in Bavaria, far away from their "norm" of absolute majority, and are now far smaller than the FDP at the federal level.

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by DoDo on Mon Sep 28th, 2009 at 03:46:44 AM EST
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SPD voters staying home are a vote of no-confidence from faithful SPD sympathisers.

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