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Preliminary end result, down to every dwarf party that achieved at least 0.1%in this or the 2005 elections:

Party%+-  Seats+-
Left Party11.89%+3.1876+23
Pirate Party1.95%+1.951-1
NPD (neo-Nazis)1.47%-0.12--
Animal Protection Party0.53%+0.30--
Republicans (tax-cut far-right)0.45%-0.12--
ödp (ecologists)0.31%+0.31--
Family Party0.28%-0.13--
RRP (pensioners)0.23%--
Rentner (pensioners)0.13%--
RRP+Rentner vs. Greys0.36-0.06--
BP (Bavarian nationalists)0.11%+0.04--
DVU ("völkisch" far-right)0.11%+0.11--
PBC (creationists)0.09%-0.14--
BüSo (civil rightists)0.09%+0.01--
Violets (spiritualists)0.07%+0.07--
MLPD (Marxist-Leninists)0.07%-0.03--

(As before, I compared percentages to the 2005 elections, but seats to the final state of the outgoing Bundestag.)

(The outgoing single MP of the Pirate Party was aman resigning from the SPD after police found pedophilic material in his home. He claimed it was for a private investigation, an explanation accepted by the PP but with no evidence accepted by courts.)

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by DoDo on Mon Sep 28th, 2009 at 02:47:51 AM EST

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