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As I expected, the biggest movement was not between parties, but SPD voters staying home. From ARD:

  • CDU/CSU: won 0.62 million voters from SPD, lost 1.11 million to FDP, 0.92 million to non-voters.

  • SPD: lost 1.64 million to non-voters, 0.78 million to the Left Party, 0.71 million to the Greens, 0.62 to the CDU/CSU, 0.43 million to the FDP, and even to "others" 0.27 million.

  • FDP: gains from others thanthe two big parties were miniscule (20,000 from Greens, 10,000 from Left Party???), while 120,000 went non-voter.

  • Greens: apart from the big gain from the SPD, 70,000 from the SPD; but 150,000 went to other parties (Pirates?), 110,000 to the Left Party, and 20,000 each to the FDP and non-voters.

  • Left Party: apart from the center-left gains mentioned, 70,000 from the CDU/CSU. This time, there was no mobilisation of extra non-voters like in 2005 -- butthe Left Party was the only one not losing voters to non-voters either.

Note that within the CDU/CSU block, the Bavarian CSU was the biiiig loser: they got 42.6% in Bavaria, far away from their "norm" of absolute majority, and are now far smaller than the FDP at the federal level.

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