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We could disaggregate gender into physical gender differences, including normative hormonal  and ontological differences, normative social role differences, which vary across cultures, and subjective issues such as gender identity, but the question that Coleman poses seems to me to involve cross gender perceptions.

Cross gender perceptions, the perception of one gendered individual by an individual of the opposite gender, and especially, the evaluation of interior thought processes in that context, is doubly tricky. Hermeneutics is the philosophical-psychological subject involved there, so we are immediately in blue water, with no bottom that will ever do any of us any good, yet that is exactly where some of the most interesting questions are to be found. Abandon all certainty, ye who enter here! But then I am told we have to abandon certainty to "do" quantum mechanics. But it is not the same, I am sure. :-)

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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