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European Tribune - Malleable social reality

but a calibration of the unexamined internal models that shape how people really think.

this has been a recent, recurrent theme in your posts, one i find mighty intriguing.

if you could be said to have a hobby horse, this appears to be it. with what tools does one calibrate unexamined internal models that shape how people really think? do you think there could be a standard general way to gauge these models? (for efficiency or robustness?)

are you alluding to all the mindbending people are subjected to, the sauce bernays, a la mad men? or older model shapers as philosophy or religions?

i think you're on the scent of something here, just a gut feeling, like i have about chris' energy units. i feel you have some psychological insights that are some layers of the onion closer to the centre than most, kinda hard to english.

i also think that there is an unconscious, silent pact people make to waste time together, so not to have to face certain aspects of life. it's a complex play, with secure roles, as long as folks stick close enough to their 'characters' and lines, remember their cues etc.

this is a kind of truman show, a pseudo-reality, that is rooted in sharing symbols and enacting 'scenes', to ensure continuity and reinforce the pact, which as it seeks to hermetically close off some vital parts of our nature, is doomed to fail, wither and become vestigial, or suffocate on its own unreality.

events conspire to unwind this wrapping of comfortable rituals and reveal the sham, leading to more denial and movement to double down the self-deception.

for example, it is at the most banal of situations, where every line seems scripted like some fatally uninspired soap opera, ie most calculated to unite the participants in the cozy glow of complicity, and you can hear the ragged edge creeping into the voice tones, the throttled shrillness, the tics, the mental gearbox grind as the veneer of normality buckles under the stress of the internal contradictions, and the sheer effort of holding back the dam of fear behind which all that is unexpressed weighs thick and heavy, like toxic sludge upvalley from the vulnerable cluster of fantasies that constitutes the increasingly tenuous, threatened sense of self, and a manageable life.

once scenes of 'normality' are seen through this lens, (and what fine detail it can provide!) one can too easily conclude that there may be no such thing, that darwinian dictates diversify all human encounters and the neuroses/baggages that stem from them, and all patterns are partially or wholly defined by their anomalies...

to calibrate you need calipers and a yardstick, don't you? seeing how fluid psychology is, especially social psychology, what will you sample from to measure?

sorry for banging on so long, but your diary has stirred up these questions, and it seems natural to try and get more clarity, if possible.

cool diary anyroad. you are getting to some nub or other, please keep on reflecting, it is fascinating to speculate on (what i think you might) mean.

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Mon Oct 18th, 2010 at 09:07:15 PM EST
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