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Hitler Exhibit Explores a Wider Circle of Guilt | New York Times - Michael Slackman
... the exhibits that opened Friday at the German Historical Museum are intentionally prosaic: they emphasize the everyday way that ordinary Germans once accepted, and often celebrated, Hitler.

The household items had Nazi logos and colors. The tapestry, a tribute to the union of church, state and party, was woven by a church congregation at the behest of their priest.

"This is what we call self-mobilization of society," said Hans-Ulrich Thamer, one of three curators to assemble the exhibit at the German Historical Museum. "As a person, Hitler was a very ordinary man. He was nothing without the people." <...>

... the show focuses on the society that nurtured and empowered him. <...>

Increasingly, Germans have put the guilt of the past behind them, reasserting their pride in national identity in many positive ways. But there also have been troubling signs seeping from the margins into the mainstream. <...>

His story, however, left some viewers to wonder why their parents and grandparents had not rejected Hitler. Why everyone went mad.

"My father was a Hitler Youth," said Gutfreund Keller, as she walked through the exhibit with her husband and two daughters. "It's hard to understand."

Point n'est besoin d'espérer pour entreprendre, ni de réussir pour persévérer. - Charles le Téméraire
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