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Why does the religious person think, consumerism would be "the" substitute of religion?

2 reasons:

First, because the religious person (of the Christian faith) has learned that throughout history, Man has always been faced with a materialistic/temporal temptation versus a spiritual/divine calling. This is a recurring theme in Christian Holy Scripture. It's therefore plausible to conclude that if Man abandons his spiritual calling, it is to revert to materialistic temptation.

Second, because in today's world, consumerism is constantly being touted as THE new religion. Feel bad? Just go out and buy some stuff - and if it doesn't make you feel better, go out and buy some more. There was a great diary on ET about the Bond Gods driving monetary and fiscal policy which was unsupported by conventional wisdom. Well, we have the same thing on main street and it's called consumerism.

by Lynch on Wed Oct 27th, 2010 at 02:10:02 PM EST
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