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1. views about how things are (there are gods, there is ki, evil people go to hell after death, the ghosts of our ancestors are watching over us);

2 . views about how people should act (don't kill, kill infidels, accept your place in society and worship your ancestors, let go of earthy desires).

What is apparent to anyone who knows the first thing about religion is that the synthesis provided here... portrays rather profound ignorance of what (the supposedly Christian, Muslim, Jewish, ...) religion is. That nobody else on this thread pointed out that the synthesis provided by DoDo is misconstrued just raises questions about this group's general level of understanding of what religion is.

Here's the synthesis provided and some comments.

There are gods: good start.
There is ki: what religion believes in ki?
Evil people go to hell after death: the Bible deals with this concept on the fringe. It's by no means a central theme.
The ghosts of our ancestors are watching over us: This might be something out of Valhalla, but it's not in the Bible.
Don't kill: ok
Kill infidels: man, you've got a warped view of what (at least Judeo-Christian) religion is!
Accept your place in society and worship your ancestors: Worship ancestors??? Certainly not Judeo-Christian. You only worship God.
Let go of earthly desire: Wrong again. There are some very powerful passages in the Bible about love, passion and human (earthly) desire... and it's good to be there! Read the Cantique if you want to explore a bit.

Just a quick synthesis of what religion is. Below are 4 questions that God asks of a person who is presented before His Kingdom:

  1. Have you conducted your business honestly (read: have you been a good individual?)
  2. Have you studied the Bible (read: have you invested in learning?)
  3. Have you had children? (read: have you created and given life?)
  4. Have you prayed for redemption? (read: have you hoped to better yourself and the world around you?)
by Lynch on Sun Oct 17th, 2010 at 04:04:39 AM EST
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