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I cannot make much of "ontological positivism". Maybe you can explain the meaning to me?

Ontology is the branch of philosophy that concerns itself with what can be said to exist. As opposed to epistemology, which concerns itself with how we learn about the world. Positivism is the philosophical view that the predictive power (and parsimony) of statements is our only guide to the world.

So ontological positivism is the position that everything that exists is amenable to experimental detection. As opposed to epistemological (or methodological) positivism, which merely makes the much weaker statement that the best way to go about learning about the world is to poke it and see what happens. Ontological positivism posits that God does not exist, because there is no evidence of God's existence. Epistemological positivism posits that if God does exist, we'll figure it out in its own good time as long as we keep making predictions and testing them experimentally.

Materialism [...] speaks of a strong attachment, if not clinging to this world.

Eh, not really. One does not have to rage against the dying of the light in order to believe that the light really does die, and doesn't simply move on to somewhere else. Death is not, a priori, any more terrible to those who believe that it is the last chapter in their book than to those who believe that it is the last page of the first chapter.

Now, it is very human to rage against the dying of the light. It is not many who would not like just one more dance, just one more kiss, just one more birthday party. And frankly, I see nothing particularly wrong with that.

Without faith, we have nothing to oppose the forces of this world that boil down to everyone's selfish will which makes us susceptible to consumerism.

We have the impartial spectator; the man within the breast. And we have ideology, for that matter.

- Jake

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