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Or otherwise said, the god figure is only an onthological issue, much like Freud's Surmoi. The true point of dissent between religions and ideologies is not the magical persons involved - those are human-kind representations of spirit, and we can decide later whether it is them who are fabricated by our psyche, or it is us who were created by them.
The true point of dissent is the actual existence of an ethereal, parallel dimension, call it heavens if you will; not the mystical figure of Jesus, Moses, Mohamed, Buddha, Amaterasu or whoever else. Those are ideal figures of ourselves. If there is a "spiritual" universe of which ours is just the hardback, then it may well be populated with beings who created us according to their appearance. If not, it is them who were created by our inborn need of heros, to personify and lend authority to our moral systems.

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