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Had he not relied on the occult idea of action at a distance, across a vacuum, he might not have developed his theory of gravity.

Maybe there isn't all this much wrong with alchemy after all.

From the English wikipedia entry on "alchemy"

Up to the 16th century, alchemy was considered serious science in Europe; for instance, Isaac Newton devoted considerably more of his writing to the study of alchemy (see Isaac Newton's occult studies) than he did to either optics or physics, for which he is famous. Other eminent alchemists of the Western world are Roger Bacon, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Tycho Brahe, Thomas Browne, and Parmigianino. The decline of alchemy began in the 18th century with the birth of modern chemistry, which provided a more precise and reliable framework for matter transmutations and medicine, within a new grand design of the universe based on rational materialism.

[edit] Alchemy in traditional medicine
Traditional medicines involve transmutation by alchemy, using pharmacological or a combination of pharmacological and spiritual techniques. In Chinese medicine the alchemical traditions of pao zhi will transform the nature of the temperature, taste, body part accessed or toxicity. In Ayurveda the samskaras are used to transform heavy metals and toxic herbs in a way that removes their toxicity. These processes are actively used to the present day.

These last lines further show that the spiritual realm's consistent effect is used in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

And, sure enough, IT EXISTS.

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These last lines further show that the spiritual realm's consistent effect is used in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Only if by "the spiritual realm" you mean those folk traditions that accidentally happen to work - as opposed to the arbitrary dietary and behavioural codes that comprise most of folk tradition.

I note that chemistry offers a far more parsimonious and general explanation for these effects.

I also note that chemistry makes predictions that are different from what Ayurvedic and "Traditional" Chinese "Medicine" (which is not actually medicine and was actually, in its currently recognisable form, promulgated by Mao as part of the Great Leap Forward - making its traditional foundations somewhat questionable). I further note that in the cases where Ayurvedic and "Traditional" Chinese "Medicine" make different predictions from modern chemistry, chemistry has always been proven right, and Ayurvedic and "Traditional" Chinese "Medicine" wrong.

Every. Single. Time.

So if that's your best example of consistent effects of the spirit realm then I'll stick with what actually works, thank you.

- Jake

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