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- while I don't know/understand - quantum physics, it's an area often cited to scientifically back or explain certain spiritual phenomena.

I know, it is often cited. Actually that was one of the reasons I choose to study physics. A couple of years I actually got to read the quantum physics. Not that anyone was blocking me, university lectures in Sweden are in general free to just walk in and take a seat in the back - but there is a couple of math and physics courses that are really needed to understand what is being said. And was I disappointed when it turned out that the citings are way off.

Quantum physics is counterintuitive in many areas, but that is mainly from our intuitive understanding being based on our scale of the world. Quantum physics describe the subatomic world in the same way as Newtonian physics describe most of our own world: in mathematical formulas, formulated to match the measured data. To reach a model fitting the subatomic world some assumptions about the world had to abandoned, and those thought processes spun off some interesting thought experiments. But the model itself is as devoid of any spirit as other physical models.

Still, having the description allows for construction of some pretty cool tech, my favorite is perhaps Quantum Teleportation, that is cool despite not being a solid foundation for building mass transit on.

In the 18th century electricity was the cool thing and was quoted as support for different religious theories. Daredevil scientists did things like listen to the sound of electricity (aouch), and writers constructed even more daring scientists that could use electricity to create life. As it has since become commonplace it is more likely to be claimed as a cause for illness then pure spirit. With luck, the citations you mention will go the same way.

Unfortunately, my whole reasoning rests on you trusting me. If you do not, then I have to recommend that you study physics and tell us what you find.

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by A swedish kind of death on Fri Oct 29th, 2010 at 02:19:30 PM EST
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