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The Babylonian Talmud, Book 1: Tract Sabbath, tr. Rodkinson.: Volume I: Chapter II: Regulations Concerning The Sabbath And 'Hanukah Light
Rabha said: When a man comes before the (divine) judgment, he is asked: "Hast thou traded in good faith? Mist thou apportioned regular times for study? Hast thou produced children? Didst thou hope for salvation? Hast thou discussed subjects of wisdom? Hast thou formed (logical) conclusions from the things thou hast learned?" After all this (if he can affirm all these questions), if he possessed the fear of the Lord, it was well; if not, it was not so.


  1. seem to assume that the Talmud of Babylon applies to every branch in the Judeo-Christian family of religions;
  2. cut short that list,
  3. added your own interpretations in parentheses.

Your own version, quite.

*Lunatic*, n.
One whose delusions are out of fashion.
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