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Actually, the points you claim has nothing to do with Judeo-Christian religion, can all be found in the varied Christian tradition.


There is ki: what religion believes in ki?

William Blake, Christian spiritualist:

Energy is the only life and is from the Body and Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy. Energy is Eternal Delight.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, 1783.


Evil people go to hell after death: the Bible deals with this concept on the fringe. It's by no means a central theme.

Central theme in much of Christianity during much of its existence. Religion is what people do, not what the holy book says they should do (aside from the problem of who is interpretating).


The ghosts of our ancestors are watching over us: This might be something out of Valhalla, but it's not in the Bible.

But it is commonly found in Christian tradition, in the version that the souls of the dead are in heaven and can see us who still happen to live. See a modern non-horror movie with a ghost to see an example.


Kill infidels: man, you've got a warped view of what (at least Judeo-Christian) religion is!

Well, the crusades were quite big on the part of killing infidels.


Accept your place in society and worship your ancestors: Worship ancestors??? Certainly not Judeo-Christian. You only worship God.

I hear saints have been quite popular to pray to in large parts of Christianity, during much of its history.


Let go of earthly desire: Wrong again. There are some very powerful passages in the Bible about love, passion and human (earthly) desire... and it's good to be there! Read the Cantique if you want to explore a bit.

And there has been quite a few monasteries and cults dedicated to letting go of earthly desires.

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