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Thumbs up for the Süddeutsche for still doing what all papers left of the FAZ and Bild did in the past: subjecting xenophobic claims about immigration to a reality check. For those not speaking German:

  • The first point is about actual migration stats. While Sarrazin and Seehofer were scaremongering, Germany already has net emigration, and the largest group of immigrants last year was not Turks nor Arabs nor any other "other cutlure" but Poles.

  • The second point is about the immigration of qualified employees. While Seehofer pretends that there are too many, those from outside the EU numbered just 20,000, and (in the not quoted part) those from the EU just 9,500, there are jobs for a lot more.

  • The article also points out that the claim of the CSU's general secretary about one million immigrants unwilling to integrate is without any basis in researched facts, the government is just assembling such stats. They give one example: the number of girls refusing to take part in school trips, which is 10% for Muslims, and 5% for others.

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