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I haven't seen any statistics suggesting that the young middle class is the most prone to xenophobia -- in fact, I would guess the opposite.

The style of xenophobia propagated by the CDU (and to a lesser part the CSU) is markedly cultural (rather than faux economical) and has a long history. They first denied immigration, and wanted the "guest workers" to please return home onetime. When that became untenable, they insisted on total cultural assimilation. Implicit in that is not only an opposition to multiculturalism as a co-existence of communities with different cultures (as understood in the USA or Bliarite England), but the denial of multiculturalism within a person. Immigrants shouldn't be allowed to add to the culture. (As everywhere, this is also a denial of history; say the cultural input of past waves of immigration to Germany like the Huguenots or the Polish miners in the Ruhr Area.) This opposition to individual multiculturalism became explicit a decade ago when they opposed double citizenship: immigrants are to choose between being 100% German or 100% Other. And here it is again in the Sarrazin wave, in which the main theme is to make speaking German an obligation and stepping stone, rather than an opportunity to provide.

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