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I should have though of this sooner: the Google cache of that Word document is easy to find and easily fed into Google translate...

I finished just three pages out of ten, but already I don't like it. Nothing yet about integration; he is talking about ups and downs of civilisations in sweeping tones, agrees as a liberal to Delors's contention that Christianity is one of the three bases of European civilisation with a sleight of hand and a mocking of Turkey, then goes into listing the illiberal ills of the Muslim world without considering any factors other than religion, and blaming all conflicts involving Muslims (with Israel at the end of the list) on the Muslims -- essentially, the worldview behind Huntington's Clash of Civilisations. So I'm sorry but it very much seems to me that he had the idée fixe about the Muslim Problem two decades ago already.

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by DoDo on Wed Oct 20th, 2010 at 04:02:16 PM EST
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