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How much do the governments "spend money into creation"? The way its happening is through greater national debt - which means that the society and the folks (even if receiving "handouts") become increasingly indebted to bond holders - and the governments look ready to enforce that relation strictly.

The other side of sovereignty is the power of the banking investors. As some bankers hold more money than most of sovereign nations combined, they are apparently hold more authority and power as well. Say, the known examples of hyperinflation (and non-inflation, as in Nazi Germany) rather show the free will of international financiers than vanity of press printing. If governments were to exercise radically the sovereignty in legal tender matters, what we can expect from those winning everything now? Wouldn't there be a difference between nominal and real (through astutely hidden) sovereignty.

...while taxes take money out of the economy

This is not clear to me. Government activity has expenses, and it is a part of the economy. In the system that is working now, money is taken out by paying back debt.

by das monde on Fri Oct 8th, 2010 at 11:09:41 PM EST
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