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The analogy is incomplete, though.

It is crucial to check out the waters first with the means at your disposal (other people, newspaper articles, coast guard).
Is the water poisoned, are there sharks in it or are there dangerous vortexes?
And if you've never swum at all, you're well advised to take some lessons first and stay near the coastline.

To take this back to the reality we're discussing, it means to me that I rely on certain Scripture/dogmatic parameters. If I'm offered a loving and miracle-doing guru-incarnation of God, I won't go there, no matter how real the miracles and his love are. I will classify him under 'false prophet' period.

The assessment of what criteria someone wishes to rely on is mostly rational. Which is the narrative that makes sense to you, even if questions remain at the end of the day? If you find something that makes sense, it's that you consider the water trustworthy...

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