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This link for the Michigan $830m application was the Transport Politic roundup of the ARRA corridor level HSR grants.

This is the money being handed back, so the quickest turn-around in getting ground broken is asking which states still stand behind their applications and just start the assessment process from where it left off when it ran out of funds to disburse.

If California is given anything Florida does not want, from the amount that was awarded to Express HSR, the Rapid Rail HSR corridor tier applications ((either at or working toward) were:

  • Georgia $472m, Atlanta/Macon
  • Illinois $550m, Chicago/STL, funded
  • Kansas $10m
  • Michigan, $830m, Detroit / Chicago ($40m, elsewhere )
  • New York, $7.9b, Albany / Rochester / Niagara Falls
  • North Carolina, $3.9b, Charlotte/Richmond ($630m w/Virginia)
  • Ohio $564m, $400m funded, $375m certain to be handed back
  • Oklahoma, $2b, Tulsa / OK City / Texas State Line
  • Pennsylvania, $3.9b, Phillie/Harribsurg, Lackawana Cutoff, Pittsburgh maglev
  • Virginia, $1.75b, DC / Richmond / Petersburg ($620m w/NC)
  • Washington, $850m, Portland / Seattle / Canadian Border
  • Wisconsin $652m Madison/Milwaukee, funded, announced to be turned back

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