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Understood, and intimidation in any form is of course obnoxious, and perhaps the party's history as one of resistance accentuates the tendancy towards intimidation on the part of its members. Not being anywhere near it (and being totally against the sort of violence its military arm employed in the UK and elsewhere in the past) I wouldn't deign to try to understand...

One would hope that with the passing from one generation to the next this will change. Violence aside though, looking from afar, they appear to be a credible left alternative in the tradition of James P Connolly, great man that he was.

Hopefully Gilmore will reconsider his zero-tolerance approach else I suspect you will not see much change, assuming Labor would instead need to partner with FG (or worse, FF) and meet the same fate they did 15 years ago.  

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Labour's only hope is if they do well enough in the next election to be the majority partner in Government.  Historically, the minority partner always losses out - Chiefly Labour, but also the PDs, Workers Party, Greens etc.

I can't see either Fine Gael or Fianna Fail agreeing to be a minority partner with Labour, so that leaves a FF/FG coalition - Grandly entitled a National Coalition, but in reality a coalesing of the old guards.

That would leave Ireland with the standard European left/right split, but with the left keeping its hands clean of the current debacle.  Most people can't see the difference between FF and FG anyway, but there's nothing like a joint Government to expose their ideological near identity and the irrelevance of the split between them.

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