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Isn't the real problem, in one sentence, that all Euro countries are following the monetary policy that Germany wants the ECB to run?

The question is if this monetary policy is the best for Germany in the short and long run...I thought it wasn't.. now I think it probably is the best way to increase german power in Europe in the short-run. I am not sure about the long-run.

Last week I summed up to some friends the problem facing Spain "A corto-plazo, que seguimos la politica monetaria alemania, a largo plazo,que tenemos un sistema educativo/investigación/capital humano que es un desastre".

So, in the long run, the peripheric countries economic structure will be ruled by their school/research/industrial capiatl system, in the short-run we all are rule by german monetary policy.

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by kcurie on Sun Nov 21st, 2010 at 02:29:29 PM EST

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