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 Or are the poor merely multiplying under the protective, if miserable, umbrella of cheaper food, fiber, and medicine than would have been available to them otherwise, allowing them to exist when they otherwise never would have been born?  It's not an easy question.

It is not that hard a question. The demographic transition has increased population in mercantilistic, late feudal, capitalistic, communistic, colonial, colonised, fascist, mixed and finally neoliberal economies. To put it down to the American Empire seems a bit odd.


Is the American Empire and its associated neo-liberal institutions and narratives actually causing resources or potential capacities for living to be taken away from people who otherwise would have access to more of those things?

If we look at the actual actions of liberalisation on food security, things like this keeps popping up:

CADTM - Famine in Malawi Exposes IMF Negligence

The original sin seems to lie with the IMF and the European Union, which repeatedly called for Malawi's grain reserve to be privatized and run on a "cost-recovery basis." This resulted in the 1999 spin-off of NFRA from ADMARC, with a mandate to maintain adequate buffer stocks of grain and to protect Malawians against fluctuations in food production, availability and prices.

When demand destruction means death, it is hard to argue that the population on average will prosper.

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by A swedish kind of death on Wed Nov 24th, 2010 at 04:03:02 PM EST
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