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It is not that hard a question. The demographic transition has increased population in mercantilistic, late feudal, capitalistic, communistic, colonial, colonised, fascist, mixed and finally neoliberal economies. To put it down to the American Empire seems a bit odd.

This sound observation actually argues my point exactly.  We have at least two, notable, dramatic collapses of large-scale institutional regimes in the non-American dominated world. China's Great Leap Forward, which regrouped the rural countryside into communes and, as official Chinese scholars themselves have come to recently admit, caused the great famine that killed tens of millions of people.  And we also have the disastrous effects of the neo-liberal shock therapy performed on the formerly Communist soviet states. In both cases collapse of the reigning institutional paradigms, and both of them very much imperialist paradigms, led to tragedies of enormous dimensions for millions of people.

by santiago on Wed Nov 24th, 2010 at 04:39:06 PM EST
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