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 The implication is that if you dismantle the institutions, you also might destroy the human relationships that the institutions allowed to prosper with possibly catastrophic consequences.


i get the implication alright, it's the old blackmail by inferred-threat-of-force-by-withdrawal-of-essential-services, so big players can cheat on the rules that keep the game fair(er).

'you' destroy? no payoff for the middle class to impoverish itself!

'we' didn't hollow out the global economy with war and casino capitalism, 'they', those who most benefited from the game, shat all over it, planted explosives deep in its bowels, secretly, camouflaging their sick predations with thick layers of impenetrable jargon-rich bullshit, while they flounced into galactically absurd levels of personal and corporate wealth capture, all the while bending liberal democracies into ugly, threatening shapes, by purchasing politicians like used cars.

the world would merrily let itself be governed by responsible 'deciders'... most people would love to turn over the keys to their happiness and social equilibrium to accountable, transparent, honourable governments, and just get on with their lives, but what if those deemed trustworthy enough to be given such excessive power to fracture societies with punishing cuts, (then gallivant off to well paid pastures, far away from the scenes of their crimes, or collect in secret G-20 type connivings), those whose most sacred duty is to maintain a fiduciary, maintenance role in the very architectural foundations societies are based on, can suck whole sovereign nation/states lifeblood dry for breakfast?

these clowns are flying too damn close to the sun, and we all know how that ends!

and guess who's getting splattered with burning wax and feathers?

they break it, from the inside, and then the shafted are supposed to be too fearful to contemplate living without these planetary eco-gobbling, totalitarian-minded goons and their mentally disturbed juggling of the family jewels.

money used to symbolise intelligence and sweat, now the cart is before the horse and it has become pure vapourware...

yes there will be a terrible price to pay for such hubris, with much loss of quantity and quality of life, but what role in creating this unholy clusterfuck did the common man play? how long is everyman supposed to weep for the dissolution of one form of semi-controlled chaos, when it's screwing him six ways from sunday, even if the alternative is more chaotic, for as long as it takes for people to tire of strife, and relearn to coalesce around verifiable realities, ones they can touch and feel, instead of virtual castles in the air, that crumble every time the winds of cyclic change blow?

those who couldn't see through the tissue of lies, and trusted those who coaxed and cajoled them into denial and the cognitively challenged, sheeplike support for imperial violence and resource plunder, have the most to lose.

some of the rest of us have been watching evil defying gravity blowback for decades, and there is a ghastly sense of the other shoe finally dropping. of course there will be goodies to give up, anyone thinking the firstworld vision of the future of happy motoring and sprawling suburbia, trashy media, junk food, braindead ed, groaning hypermalls and cheez whiz snack diets, and a pill or three for all that ails ya (as you contemplate the horror of the inevitable) is going to last much longer has more faith in the lies than i do... this whole model of western(TM) life has become heartless, even as millions of new acolytes assemble to quaff the shiny koolaide.

my bet is that the novelty of events changing globally, added to the excitement of seeing rotten old edifices crumbling, and the space they will make for new and wiser constructions, will more than compensate for the sacrifices we will have to make for exchanging the present rot-riddled paradigm for something more...evolved, even if it is painful. show me any birth that isn't!

they had their fun, at the poorest and weakest's expense, for centuries, they think they can have their cake and eat it for ever. we of the future can carry over the best of what we designed, before it was corroded by people of bad faith, or no faith at all.

so it goes went...

'The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.' Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at)gmail.com) on Wed Nov 24th, 2010 at 08:50:30 PM EST
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