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Actually, for the factory workers, my guess would be that most go back to the farm. The figures I have seen was that a fifth to a third of the employees do not go back after the Tet vacation... Each year.

As for US-Walmart type work, I guess nobody in Vietnam would go for it at anything like minimum Vietnam wage. A consequence of low wages is that in most service employement (restaurants, supermarkets, even most offices) you will find about 3 times the number of employees you'd expect in the West. And that means much, much less intensive work. Much more time to take a break, etc... compared to the typically hurried service worker in the West. And even at a PPP-adjusted wage, which could be 2 or three times the VN minimum wage, you don't see people working as hard as they'd have to at Walmart.

Also, the real reason people left the countryside for the factories in the west isn't so much that they liked factories, but that there wasn't that much land available - Vietnam having had a thorough land redistribution not that long ago, land ownership is much more equal than, say, in 19th century France.

The dream in Vietnam is the small shop, not walmart. A major difference between Vietnam and the West is that startup costs for the small shop/restaurant are still very small, and usually included with having housing, whereas in the West this requires high investment, and habits and housing patterns mean people will go to the mall, not to a small shop...

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