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First, at PPP indeed the Walmart wage would be double the monthly minimum wage ; considering the social realities of Vietnam, Walmart would indeed be paying minimum wage, not twice the minimum wage.

And considering cost of living differential between the big city and the countryside, and the Vietnamese taste for living close to home (which remains in the countryside ; the Vietnamese don't like to be away from their ancestral home), yes, the typical peasant would rather stay on his farm, the typical worker would prefer to own a family shop.

The monthly minimum wage is not enough to live in Hanoi, for example, except in the faraway suburb ; and the combined cost of housing and the loss of the family support network means that wage isn't that attractive for someone not otherwise attracted to city life.

And anyway, at that level of wage (ie from minimum wage to 2x minimum wage), such job as parking lot attendant (which are much cosier than Walmart...) are available.

Also, the 40h Walmart job is much less attractive when you realise the flexible work hours mean an "effective length of work" away from home much closer to 50h or more.

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