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I think your understanding of the matters at hand may reflect a certain point of view, and my point of view could be a little different. I am not ready to make the same assumptions/draw the same conclusions that either you, danps or some others have.  A little more research might change my mind (I only know what has been written here and in a few other media sources, and to me that kind of information (particularly the conclusions) are not necessarily supported. I have seen instances where I believe quotes from State Dept cables have been placed out of context, etc. to support a particular statement/interpretation.

I have read some of the wiki released State Dept cables published by El Pais (regarding Jose Couso), and could find nothing alarming or unusual in the content.  Perhaps your views of the same cables are different.

Do you have any El Pais releases that might provide  cables in addition to those below, as I haven't found others in twelve pages of searches?


http://www.elpais.com/articulo/espana/Cable/fiscal/general/considera/caso/llegara/parte/elpepuesp/20 101201elpepunac_9/Tes

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