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I have read some of the wiki released State Dept cables published by El Pais (regarding Jose Couso), and could find nothing alarming or unusual in the content.  Perhaps your views of the same cables are different.
Well, obviously the family is alarmed, and so is (I think) most of public opinion. About "unusual", they themselves say it's one thing to suspect it and another to have confirmation.


The [family's court] filing claims that the published data could "be an indication of the existence of a criminal conspiracy between functionnaries or high-ranking Administration officials on the one hand, and functionaries of a foreign power on the other" the latter being who, always according to the text submitted to the public prosecutor, ordered to the Spanish funcionnaries how to act.
As JakeS has pointed out, if the wikileaks had involved the Russians rather than the Americans, most people named in the cables would be under investigation for spying for a foreign power. But maybe "your understanding of the matters at hand", based on your professional experience, would indicate that even if it had been the Russians it would be nothing out of the ordinary?

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