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El País cable repositories: on Aznar and the PP. For instance,

La Embajada de EE UU duda del liderazgo de Rajoy · ELPAÍS.comThe US Embassy doubts Rajoy's leadership - ElPais.com
"Creemos que debe su longevidad en el cargo más que nada a la ausencia de un sucesor creíble dentro de su partido", escriben.- ... Aguirre es "hiperambiciosa", Gallardón "encantador", y el líder, "sin carisma""We believe he owed his longevity in the position more than anything else to the absence of a credible successor within the party, they write. ... [Esperanza] Aguirre is "hyperambitious", Gallardón "charming, and the leader "lacks charisma".

It appears in a different cable Gallardón confided to Ambassador Aguirre that he could seek the party leadership only at the risk of splitting the party. His rivalry with Esperanza Aguirre is well-known, bitter, and the rift does affect the party cadres, the Madrid base, and the allied press.

... Casi todos los dirigentes clave pasan por allí: Acebes, Zaplana, Gallardón, Moragas...... Almost all key [PP] leaders go by [the Emabssy]: Acebes, Zaplana, Gallardón, Moragas...

Another repository: dissension within [Spain's] Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One news item and 4 cables, where differences among ministers are documented, and Spanish diplomats and Ministry staff tell the US ambassador about their dislike of the Minister.

Repository: How the Americans see us including profiles of prominent ZP cabinet members, and cables where these profiles are given or discussed.

Of all the ways of organizing banking, the worst is the one we have today — Mervyn King, 25 October 2010

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